Work: one of the most dreaded 4 letter words in our vocabulary.

Work: the opposite of play.

Work: that which has become our ultimate definer of success.

Work:  that which we play out like a reality show for grand prizes.

Work:  that which we are overly dependent upon because we have increasing desires for goods. We want more and more and will sacrifice our souls to get “it”.

Work: that which results in monetary reward.

Work: the necessary evil of existence.

Work: the imprisonment of spirit and standardization of individual tendencies.

Work:  that time in which we must do what we are told.

Work:  we equate our work success with our self-esteem and our happiness level.

Work: that time in which we are drones in a community being run by toxic incompetents, but we need the money.

Work:  that time in which someone is always the boss of us.

Work: a lot like childhood because we are seeking approval.

Work:  something that sometimes chooses us and traps us day to day.

Work:  that which we train for when we are too young to understand choice and self.

Work:  that which many count down the days till retirement.

Work: that which many count down the hours till lunch or clock out.

Work: a time we don’t count as part of our life; we count work as a means to our life.

Work:  we are told to pick something we love and then it isn’t work. How many have this luxury or love the same thing all the time?

Work: that which we spend most of our time obsessing about and forget that is simply a component of our life and not the most important factor.

Work: the time that we live out the programmed notion that every moment we must be useful.

Work:  As children we played house, tag, board games, competed in sports; as adults the same games are played just moved to the work theater.

Work:   “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Steve Jobs   I disagree.  I think “The only way to do great work is to love yourself.”

Work:  that which is a means for the life one lives and not the definition of that life.

Work:  something that needs to be kept in proper perspective.

Work: those moments we earn money to make the life we want possible.

Work: not life, not you, just something you do for money.

Life: find it within yourself, not only within your work.

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