Ways to Ruin Friendship

Ways to Ruin Friendship

Ways to Ruin Friendship

1.  Gossip and betray a trust.

2.  Only call when no one else is available.

3.  Fail to reciprocate.

4.  Don’t listen, only talk.

5. Don’t keep in touch.

6. Use friend then throw away when don’t need anymore.

7.  Sneak around and become intimate with their lover.

8.  Steal their other friends or turn them against friend.

9.  Don’t accept them for who they are—try to change them or give them too much advice.

10.  Don’t nurture the friendship.

11.  Be stingy and never treat them.

12.  Give them all your old stuff and act like you are doing them a favor.

13.  Simply don’t ask them how they are.

14.  Have an attitude that your life and your problems are always more important than someone else.

15.  Refuse to try new things with your friend.

16.  Never compromise.

17.  Hate all of their other friends.

18.  Show intense jealousy when they have a big moment.

19.  Belittle everything they do.

20.  Act like their parent or sibling and not their friend.

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