Transparent YOU

Transparent YOU

Transparent YOU

1. You are much more connected to other people than you think.

2. You wear your feelings on your sleeve.

3. The more you say something does not matter; the more it matters.

4. You work hard to put on a strong front despite what’s really going on in your life.

5. You have no idea why someone would want to be like you.

6. You get carried away with insignificant clutter and situations in your life.

7. You sometimes forget that prestige and status are empty feelings.

8. You try to impress everyone else but yourself.

9. You have a longer list of what’s wrong and a shorter list of what’s right.

10. You rarely laugh or rejoice because you have so much to accomplish.

11. You plow through your day rather than savor each moment.

12. Your life is a never-ending quest for stuff to improve your self-worth.

13. You look first for approval from others that you have made it.

14. You put other people down who don’t work as hard as you do.

15. You have certain expectations that you put on others, but rarely personally meet your standards.

16. You look outside yourself for advice.

17. You are rarely satisfied.

18. You are uncomfortable  turning off your phone.

19. You figure whatever it takes, regardless of cost is okay as long as you come out on top.

20. You bully yourself and wonder why you aren’t happy.

Take a look inside and see what others see.

Live your dreams,


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