Take Back Control of Yourself and Be Happier

Take Back Control of Yourself and Be Happier

Take back control of yourself and be happier?  Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  But for many of us, we are going through this very situation in which we feel powerless to manage our own lives. We listen too much to what others expect, try to please others first, and/or are blocked by personal limiting self-beliefs. We live complicated, follow the direction kind of lives, and it’s sometimes very easy to lose sight of oneself in the process. Losing sight of you, often translates into personal unhappiness. When you take back control of yourself,  you often feel more authentic, more you, a satisfying  relief, and greater personal accomplishment– leading to more fulfillment.

Here are some tips to help you regain a new perspective and a happier you:

1. First and foremost, recognize that regardless of your situation, you are the one ultimately responsible for your life and your happiness. You are your first priority. You are not being selfish thinking this—you are empowering yourself to take on your dreams and wishes. You are empowering yourself to be happy.

2. Take some time and think about what, if any, changes you wish to make. Make them real by making an action plan of exactly what you want to see happen and how you will do it.

3. Slow down and prioritize time for you. Build time in your life for relaxation and fun.

4. If you hate parts of your life, think about changing them or changing your attitude about them.

5. Come from a positive self-talk—focus on positive things in your life, rather than negative ones.

6. It’s OK to say “no”. Carefully, consider what you agree to do and not do. Your personal time is at a premium, don’t give up if you aren’t comfortable or want to do something with a full-heart. No is acceptable.

7. Push through fear and self- limiting expectations. Take some risks to step out and assert yourself.

Ultimately, we all have “pre-trained” notions of who we are, how we should act, what we should be doing, etc. We have lived life learning from others what is expected of us from their point of view. Step out of their spot-light and into your own with what is important to and for you.

When you consider personal wishes you are often doing something wonderful for others around you. You are choosing to be happier and give your life personal value. You will be surprised at all the positive effects this will bring on yourself and on those around you.

Live your dreams,


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