How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

1. Be accepting. You are not perfect. You will have moments of challenge, but they do not cast a negative shadow on your worth.

2.  Understand you are unique.  We all have our special gifts and talents to share. We are not in a race or a competition with our talents. The world needs all of us and our unique offerings.

3.  Come from a good place rather than a bad one.  Do good things for the sake of goodness,  rather than seeking nasty deeds in retaliation or to cause disruption or hurt  someone else.

4.  Expect to be loved.  Expectations are always the first path to realization.

5.  Worth is not measured by things it is measured by your personal impact on others and your world. Do “good” and get good.

6.  Take time for yourself.  You are not in the service of others 24/7.  Devote time to taking care and nurturing you.

7.  Encourage yourself to think with positive thoughts.  Push away negativity.

8.  Take care of you and your life.  Show pride in yourself.

9. Don’t wish for anyone else’s life but yours.  You already have everything you need to be happy. You just haven’t realized it yet.  It’s good to be you.

10.  Show the same love to yourself that you do toward others.  Think about what you give to others that you don’t give to yourself. This is a backwards adaptation of the golden rule, “Treat yourself the way you treat others.”

11.  You need no one else’s approval for your life except your own.  You have the power for you.  Feel good to express yourself.

12.  Do not go through life blindly. Understand all the goodness that surrounds you every moment and feel gratitude.

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