Lose Fear Gain Growth

Lose Fear Gain Growth

Sometimes the only thing blocking our way to happiness is our fear.  We are afraid of the unknown, afraid to do something different, and afraid to let go of old perceptions and perspectives. We have become old dogs without the hope of new tricks.

The easiest new trick is to let go of our fear and experience the reality of our world.  It’s far better than what we think.  Letting go of fear(s) is a brutally difficult step. Most of us having been holding on to these fears for so long and with clutching death grips. We made a perception a long time ago and now it skews the world as we know it. This perception does not allow any new in and keeps us stagnant. It rules our happiness level. It chomps at our personal growth. It corrupts our thinking and our choice.

Most experts agree that in order to alleviate a fear is to analyze it, desensitize to it gradually, confront it in some way, change ways you act or think, reprogram thoughts, have an encouraging mantra, and expose yourself to the fear regularly.

From my regular person everyday ordinary experience, I have found that every time I do something I think I cannot do, I increase my self-esteem.  It’s almost anticlimactic to overcome something and then wonder why the fear was so great.  For me, I think often I hide or cling to an illusion that I can’t do something or that I am safer on a personal level not exposing myself.  I shut myself off from possibilities and then begin to shrivel inside.  I replay negative beliefs learned early in childhood and forget that I wasn’t the owner of those beliefs; they were just ingrained in me.  I spent a childhood learning to accept toxic limiting beliefs and now spend my adult hood questioning and breaking through patterns of someone else’s thinking.

The illusion of safety we may feel by giving into our fears is a fake one. It is a destroyer of happiness and a limiter of life. If you feel that fear is limiting your possibilities I urge to open your curiosity and rethink the issue. Maybe the fear is not what you perceive. Take a moment and think about when you first started to think this way and write down all the ways this thinking has limited your growth.

Get a little feisty with yourself and challenge the beliefs. Make a personal plan to alter one thing that you feel has been holding you back. Take the steps to change it. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to your old way of thinking. When you are pleasantly surprised that it was really perception holding you back, you will find new growth and perhaps greater confidence to move forward.

Personal experience tells me that what I choose to believe has an effect on everything that I do and all contacts I make.  I have learned that it isn’t always someone else or the job.  It is sometimes me that needs the tune up and adjustment in my thinking.

Stand up to personal fears; blow them away; and move on to a better and happier life.

Today is your day to hug fear.

Live your dreams,


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