To Do List Evils

To Do List Evils

Old school way to get to sleep= counting sheep.

New school way to get to sleep=make up the next day’s To Do List.

No wonder, many of us have trouble sleeping.

No wonder, many of us aren’t feeling the joy in our life.

How much To Do can there possibility be in one’s life?  How many nitty gritty necessary details must one really take care of to have a fulfilled life?

How much of this do we put on ourselves?

What would happen if you crumbled the list and just made sure you and your loved ones were safe and happy?  Happy doesn’t necessarily mean being dragged to lessons and meetings.

How many details can we all stand before it becomes meaningless dribble?

Is the completion of these endless tasks simply taking over our lives and sapping us of the real joy that awaits a simpler life?

There are no pat answers; only questions to individually contemplate.

After all, it is your life—to do as you please.  Think about what pleases you and how to get off that crazy GTD list mentality.

Find your joy, in you and not the lists of things that endlessly run you around.

You are the only important item on your list. Take care of number one, first and foremost.

Live your dreams,


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