Life: A Series of Personal Re-Inventions

Life: A Series of Personal Re-Inventions

Life is truly a series of personal re-inventions.

I just saw someone that I haven’t seen in many, many years. Their first statement to me was, “Gee, you haven’t changed a bit!” I laughed and thought—if only they knew. The most exciting part of life, so far for me, has been the vast series of personal reinventions that I have gone through. Just when I think I’ve got it by the “ass”, something else, pulls me into new learning and new growth. It’s so exciting to feel the world and its options are right there within my touch, if I choose to bite.

Every year I enjoy my life more. Every year I appreciate my growth as a person more. Every year I feel happier inside. Every year I love and appreciate those around me more deeply. Every year I realize that I am not alone in life and that I have love all around me. Every year I am more grateful for myself and my choices. Every year I am excited at what new possibilities may lay before me. Every year is devoted to building another ring on my tree of life. Life is truly a series of personal re-inventions.

Considering watering your “ring” today and enjoying some re-invention.

Live your dreams,


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