Happiness: The Toughest Nut in Life to Crack

Happiness:  The Toughest Nut in Life to Crack

We spend our whole lives waiting for it to come to us.  We worry, connive, and conquer to achieve it. We wonder why it evades us, while others bask in its glory.

We are told that good things come to those who wait and that if we make our beds, go to work, and help others we will achieve the big “H”.  Unfortunately, for some of us it just doesn’t work that way.

Happiness is not something that miraculously parks itself outside your door.  Happiness is not something that unconsciously happens to anyone.

Happiness is a mindset and a choice.

Happiness is neither a jealous eye nor a wandering heart.

Happiness is an appreciation of life and life’s simple gifts.

In order to accept happiness one must understand that they have control over their lives to live as they see fit and to love with vigor.

Happiness is more of an acceptance of one’s life and a high self-satisfaction level.

If happiness eludes you, it’s time to look within and make some simple changes.

Consider some of the following Happy Tips from my book, The Happy Tips Book:

Choose a happy life, in which you find pleasure and fulfillment in everyday travels and everyday doings. Feel satisfied with who you are and the choices you make for your life.

Purchase your copy of The Happy Tips Book today. Your smile will thank you. Pass on the happiness by surprising your friends with a copy.  A little price to pay for sparking increased love, fulfillment, and happiness.

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