Growing Up

Growing Up

My entire childhood I waited for the moment, the moment that passed after which I was considered grown up.

Yes, my parts conformed to the age of consent and I went about my business as an official “grown-up”.

The more grown up I looked, the less grown up I felt. Luckily, I caught on fast. It only took 50 or 60 years to  realize one never truly grows up, if they are lucky.

Grown up for me at 10 years old meant wearing “high heels”, at 21 years old meant getting a job, and at 50 years old meant unlearning everything I had learned to rediscover myself and what was truly important about life.

Too much emphasis is put on growing up instead experiencing up.  An age is meaningless to one’s existence as far as basic understandings of life and love go.  The whole thing is a mish-mosh process which has its ups and downs, all invaluable to existence.

Time makes us ageless to experience and learn if we keep an open perspective. We are always old dogs learning new tricks to life. Bow-wow to that one!

I am at a point where I truly don’t ever want to pass a mark where I can say I’ve made it, “Today I am grown-up.”  However, I no longer have a desire to eat Captain Crunch; ice cream, yes.

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