The Good Life

The Good Life

The Good Life

Very little racing, but some revving

Deliberate, intoxicating joy

More laughs than sorrows

An extended helping hand

Empowerment through love

Secure enough to risk

Falls and spills welcomed as opportunities

Kindness rules

Sharing, mentoring, and belonging

A wide range of emotions and experiences

Fear is good, but not allowed to impair

Personal courage is becoming

Room for dessert and vacations welcome

Creativity and passion abound

No drama worth ruining a day

A life of service to self and others

Leaving the world a better place

Trusting in self and others

Second chances allowed and given

Able to accept and forgive

Passion driven, not duty driven

No regular “to do” lists

Caring and nurturing

Self-love prevails

Time savoring, love savoring, life savoring

Ah, Great Life.

Live your dreams,


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