Never Give Up EVER

Never Give Up EVER

I just saw a picture with the words, Never Give Up-NO MATTER WHAT.

Wow, this is suddenly very eye-opening for me!  Is this really a reasonable attitude to have?

Can one become so consumed with a dream or task, enough to bargain with their happiness?

Most of us have been taught and programmed to never give up.  We try and try and try and… you get the message. We see not achieving a goal as a sign of weakness or failure.  We forget about the growth of trying and become obsessed with the achieving.

We keep doing things that hurt us, that are counterproductive, and that just are not within a high probability of working out.  We are living hopeful of a miracle or being that needle in a haystack that gets discovered.  We are one lottery ticket away from a good life. We label our happiness on achieving some grand task and not on the person we are inside and the pleasure that we feel in life.

We learn to follow dreams regardless of our talents or plans. We think grandiose, yet don’t follow through with reasonable plans to get there. It just doesn’t happen. Very few are truly that lucky to be instantly wealthy, famous, or infamous.

We are a crowd of automatons going about our business.  We push and shove our way up, down, left, and right.  We judge our competency, our self-worth, and measure our self-esteem based on our wishes and dreams.  We live in a “NeverNeverLand”. And then we are disappointed that things didn’t happen for us.  We spent an entire lifetime thinking we’d be an NBA basketball player when we’re only 4’11” or that we’d hold an important political office when we never put ourselves in a race.

It is good to have goals. It is good to have dreams. It is good to seek the grand.

It is not good to wait to start enjoying life until one of those pipe dreams come true.

It is not good to judge oneself purely on one’s perception of making those dreams come true.

It is not good to be more loyal to a consuming path than to those that surround you.

It is not good to stay on a path that doesn’t work without adjustment.

Life is a one-time shot. Happiness waits in the everyday.

The most wonderful part of living is dreaming and growing.  Altering dreams and goals is part of a happy life.  Be careful not to become so consumed that you give up on your happiness and your health.

Live your dreams,


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